Splendid Shell Stage Cover

The Splendid shell concert stage covers are what you need to give a small concert a “wow” factor. we have two sizes of splendid shell, one can accommodate a stage up to 10m wide and the other 15m wide, providing a huge clearspan of usable space protected from the elements

These are not just stage covers however they can be shelter for you audience or provide shade for a seated area. These structures are fully certified to Australian standards , insured and come with a full certification pack for event planning permission.

The Splendid Shell is the most versatile structure in the temporary structure industry. Ideal as a band shell or product reveal or special event cover providing a effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for event organisers.

Hire of these structures includes set-up and take down by qualified and experienced staff.

The stunning design of the Splendid Shell creates a spacious & spectacular arena for showing off your brand or product.

Unparalleled natural acoustics: As a band shell Splendid shells are fabolous not only for the visual attraction to the structure , but also acoustically due to roof shape and material sound is projected forward of the shell providing natural amplification.

Low environmental impact: The splendid shell series of structures are relatively simple and quick to erect on a variety of surfaces, can be fixed to any surface with minimal impact.


Splendid Shell 10

With the same iconic shape as the much larger 15 The 10 is a fantastic alternative to a marquee as a smaller performance or entertainment area.

Splendid Shell 15

This tensile membrane structure can provide a huge covered clear span shade in style. The splendid shell 15 is a centre piece to a event in itself.

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